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Dull pieces of tees in your wardrobe? We got you our beloved TUI L

TUI.CLOTHING 頹衫係創於2020年嘅香港服裝品牌。We sell our vibing ideas and clothing/apparel that you and your dad would both love ;)

頹衫嘅產品全部輕便易襯,設計簡單但一定獨特同啱feel (如有雷同,實屬巧合) ,等您隨時隨地都可以著住一件vibe中您要嘅feel嘅衫而唔影響您嘅穿搭風格。

而頹衫要嘅係您一著出街就頹唔起,一有同道中人vibe到就會衝埋嚟問您邊度買;著去同friend玩,就會俾人捉住您話有feel喎我又要;出去date女date仔,就會搞到人沉船於您嘅good taste wink wink。

More is coming. Let's build a new culture in Hong Kong and worldwide. Love y'all .

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